Leverage and
margin requirements

Amplify your trading results with leverage.

EuroTrader offers leverage up to and competitive margin requirements.

What is Leverage?

Leverage allows you to open much larger positions than your account balance would normally allow by borrowing from your broker. For example, 1:100 leverage means your broker provides capital up to 100 times your margin deposit.

This amplifies both gains and losses on your trades. While leverage increases risks, it provides flexibility to trade the positions you want.

Margin Requirements:

Margin is the amount of capital required in your account to open a leveraged position. For example, 1:100 leverage, the margin requirement is generally 1% of the position size.

We offer leverage up to . Take advantage of our lower initial margin rates to put your capital to work more efficiently.

Responsible Trading:

While leverage provides more trading flexibility, risks are also increased. Monitor your equity closely and use stop losses. Never risk more capital than you can afford to lose.

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